Friday, June 13, 2014

Picture problems...

I have had some trouble getting blogger to upload pictures.  Hmm...  I tend to post on Facebook, because it's easier and all my "friends" are there.  Whoever looks at my blog and isn't on Fb, is kinda out of the loop with us.  Haha!  I will try one more time to post some pictures here, though. 

The biggest news we have, is that we're expecting another baby...a BOY in the beginning of November!!  :)  We are thrilled, but slightly in shock, because we felt very strongly that this baby was a girl...haha!!   I guess, we can't go by "feeling"  haha!!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Life at the Retirement Island!

Sanibel Island is a GREAT place for a relaxing, family beach vacation.  It is not commercialized at all, there's no night life, and it's pretty much retired folks and Midwestern snowbirds...people were so friendly to us.  We had a much-needed, restful, family time.

I am so thankful for pictures.  It definitely makes the memories last longer!!

Thinking of blue skies and hot, sunny weather!

Enjoying a run on the beach...

 Soaking up some Vitamin D with Grandma Janeen!

Tampa Aquarium...

The U.S. "American Victory" W.W. II Ship...
Yep, definitely a highlight!

Sanibel Island, 2014! 

Sanibel has been our "Every-other-year" trip.  It's fun to see the kids date the pictures.  The 1st trip, Madeline was a baby and Ben wasn't even a thought. ;)

We like to vacation Dave Ramsey Style...stay in a condo and cook all our own meals.  Saves a bunch!  :) Booking a condo 2 days beforehand, also scores better-than-a-hotel-room prices!  
 The heated pool was lovely!

Ahh...just gorgeous!  Honestly, this was my 1st relaxing vacation since my honeymoon 9 years ago.  Every other time, we've had a baby and 1 or 2 toddlers.  I actually laid in a lawn chair and, well, just relaxed!