Monday, September 17, 2012

Scatter-brained Monday post :)

Today is a typical Monday...started out behind the 8-ball a bit, b/c of an "emergency" run to the bank.  (ah ha...our new bank charges $ for over the phone transfers now)  I've done nearly 10 loads of laundry...or at least it seems pretty close to that.  "Done" meaning...washed.  There are train cars of laundry baskets filling up my room...waiting to be folded and put away.  That may be tomorrow afternoon's project. :)  The kids help me with that, thankfully!  Today is just an overall-weekend-catch up. :)  We took the kids camping in our all of that has been or is being put away. :)  Justin actually did most of the clean up on that!  We were both cracking up at how old we're getting...when camping is more pain than pleasure.  Ouch!  I forgot that tent camping is uncomfortable for old bones w/out an air mattress. :)  We all had a blast though!  Such fun times!  I wish I could just stop time--the kids are growing up and it's so fun (lots of work, lots of training--but SO worth it!)

Well, I just had to post this new recipe.  Moms: you'll LOVE it!  No baking required, takes about 3 minutes, the kids can help make it and eat it, and daddy will have a yummy snack to take in his lunches.  (Just jot down the ingredients and grab them on your next grocery run.  Trail mix, the way YOU like it!  No more raisens left at the!)

Here it goes:

Scrumptions Fall Snack Mix
1 lg container of Mixed Nuts
1 c. pumpkin seeds
1 c. sunflower seeds
1 c. salted peanuts
1-2 cups chipped unsweetened coconut (the big flakes...if you live close to me, Beachy's sells it)
1 bag of fall colored M & M's (you can add choc. chips if you want it chocolate-y-er)
2 c. craisens
1 sm. bag dried pineapple

Stir together then store in large ziplock bag.  Yum!  (no more picking through the trail mix for the stuff you like.  Justin will be so happy w/ me!)

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Encourage Yourself!

Moms & Future Moms: there are two GREAT articles in this magazine that are EXCELLENT! (the whole magazine is so well done...and I'm sure there are other great articles in it as well...just haven't read the others yet)
The titles are:
1.Mamahood: Commanding My Soul to Rejoice (yes, yes, yes...I kept saying to myself while reading! so true!)
2. Tensile Strength Training: Letting Your Chilren Make You Strong (ah...future moms...definitely a must-read--)
Thank you to Leslie Ludy!! I SO appreciate her perspective...because it' so easy to just slide into a bad attitude or focus only on the negatives...especially during trials. But it's the "head knowlege" becoming "heart knowlege", eh? Enjoy!