Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Look at Me!

I love the Johnny-Jump-Up!

I'm 5 months old, 17 lbs, and I like to eat. Here's my newest trick!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Justin and I and the kids had the privilege of attending our neice's wedding a few weeks ago. It was beautiful and very meaningful; both the ceremony and the reception. The pictures are a little out of order, but here's a glimpse of our weekend away celebrating the birth of a new family!

Here's us...I quick had my sister-in-law snap this photo. Not exactly looking like we did when the whole thing started, but eh, got the gist. :)

(4 children + several hours in confined spaces=we were ALL ready to leave ;)
I remember now why we've opted for babysitters in the past, so we can attend and actually visit...

Chelsea, Brooke and Benjamin


Madeline snuck into the kissing picture. :)

The Newlyweds: Nick and Alyssa

Ty and Benjamin (I have one of him holding all the kids...he's such a sweet kid!)

Madeline insisted on buttering her own roll. :)

Owen and William having fun w/ magnet toys...

Cole, Justin and Benjamin

The oldly-weds :)

Brother-in-law, Brian, and his son, Derek

My neices...they loved their "position" as flower-girls...

Poppa Lou and William

Chelsea, Alyssa, and Me

Grandma Janeen and Madeline...

Samuel and Conor

Uncle Brian and Aunt TJ were gracious enough to host all of us for the weekend..
Rehearsal Dinner Pictures...

Monday, July 11, 2011

William's 4th Birthday Party

Happy Birthday to William! Where have 4 years gone? Where is the birthday boy? We were thankful to have friends and family to come help us celebrate! We missed the ones that couldn't come.

We played a few games. The balloon toss and "duck duck goose" were favorites! We're going to have to play games more often. The kids took awhile to get the hang of some of them. It was very funny to watch!

Madeline and Andrew won the balloon toss...I think because they handed off their balloon instead of tossing it. :)

..some good friends...

The boys definitely out number the girls!

Finally! Getting ready to blow! He had his own personal cupcake to germify this year. Last year, he blew more than air on his cake. Eww! :)

Loving chocolate!! She's my kind of girl!
Us w/ William...
Opening gifts...
Auntie Leah came through, once again, w/ the favorite gift. :)

...missing longer! (it's easy to be the picture taker...and forget to hop in every now and then!)
Oh, yes, and we enjoyed fireworks by Max, Derek, and Isaac. Papa Chris bought giant sparklers. It was a fun evening! ;)