Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Busy season...

Well, it's been awhile since I've posted anything. Whew! We've been busy all summer...and so the busy-ness continues. School is in full swing now...yes, we're homeschooling. My days are packed full! We are trying (huff, puff) to get some home improvement projects off the ground. I did a few in August while 2 of my children were gone for a week. Justin and I re-painted and re-vamped our bathroom a few weeks ago. Now the major project is tackling our kitchen, living room and hallway walls. Over the past 6 years, they've been heartily "characterized" It's time for new paint. I did spend some time spackeling (sp?) and we've used nearly a can already! I'm hoping to prime and paint the kitchen(mainly just touch up...and I'm dearly hoping I don't have to paint every square inch....just "feather it in") Ha...we'll see how that works.

My living room, (sigh) I'm still trying to decide what shade to paint it. I have to work with the current furniture and the colors of the rooms around it, so I think I'm going to go w/ a light brown...there's only a few 100 different shades of light brown, you know. :) I'm really itching to get these projects done. Right now, Samuel says our walls look like winter...with lots of "snowflakes" all over. :) Benjamin and I have been down w/ colds and I haven't had any spare time or energy to spend on my walls. But, hopefully soon, I'll be able to get those projects completed. I also have quite a few pictures that have been sitting on the floor or dressers waiting to be hung. Hoping to get those up too!

I've just gone through the next season of clothes for all the kids. And, wow, that was quite a job. I'm so thankful it's done, the extras are out of my house, and that we hardly need anything (including shoes and coats) for the next season or 2!

The kids and I planted a fall garden. Thankfully the timely rains have helped our seeds sprout. We'll see what happens. I kinda think we planted everything too late. Hmm...we'll see. :)

I'm honestly amazed at HOW much time it takes to keep things running smoothly and staying organized. On top of the basic needs of running a home, there's also children to train (constantly), a marriage to keep up with, homeschooling, exercise, gardening, cooking, friendships and family, activities, shopping, etc... Oh, and not to mention, keeping up one's time with the Lord & one's appearance/clothes. Are there any other moms out there that know how to keep up with it all? I'm open for suggestions. :)

Well, I need to go get Samuel. We need to practice piano and do math...
Happy Wednesday!