Monday, May 2, 2011

During my laundry folding this afternoon... C.J. Mahaney)

Oh. my. goodness! I'm inspired and very convicted! Hope this video will encourage all of us women to adorn THE GOSPEL. That should be our motivation in everything!

"Immodesty is an expression of arrogance...Modesty is humility expressed in dress...

Your wardrobe is a public statement of private adn personal motivation...

What is most eye catching...your clothing or your character?

What is to be noticable about a woman professing godliness? Not wardrobe, but good works...

Less time in the bathroom and mall...& more time serving. What are you known for, fashion or good works?

THE GOSPEL...has a transforming effect on our hearts, our apparel, and our works."

I'm very thankful for the courageous man that bravely shared Biblical teaching on this very important subject. Wow.