Sunday, August 29, 2010

Some pictures from the weddin'

Me and my Madre... Sisters...all 5!

What were we doing? No idea...

The original 9...for so long it used to be, 9 is a lot!

My 3, I forgot how hard it is to get all of them to look and smile...the lil' wiggleworms! Fam Pic 1--we're all looking-yay!

Still trying to figure out why my Mom told me to look up higher...felt so unnatural. The next picture is better. ;)
Of course, the good one of J and I, the kids are being themselves :)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Happy, Happy Birthday!

Samuel turned 5 yesterday, August 18th! My baby is 5?? How'd that happen?! He rides a bike like a stunt-man, reads, is learning to write, helps w/ cooking, gardening, and cleaning, and is starting his own business (selling farm fresh chicken eggs) He's enthusiastic, out-going, and is very funny. Here are a few pictures from our lil' party yesterday night. Thankfully he had a few gifts to open from other people, b/c the gift I ordered him still isn't here yet. :) His choice for supper was pizza and apple pie...2 time-consuming projects, but he helped me and we made a big mess. The end result was delicious, though. :)

Monday, August 16, 2010

Wedding Photos...

Yesterday at 4:30 p.m., my sister became Mrs. Leah Sweeney! Here are some fun pictures from their day. Somehow I didn't manage to snap one of the newlyweds...maybe due to corralling children. :)

Madeline & Grace were star flower girls...they marched right down the isle, just like they were supposed to. The only thing they forgot was to drop the flower petals. :) Thankfully Eva covered for them.

Me and lil' girl :) All dressed up...Madeline loved it!

The boys and Uncle Max being goofy...

Samuel and Max = look alikes (ya think??)

An attempt to capture the cuteness...

Wow...I can't believe we'll have been married 6 years soon!
Crazy how fast time flies when you're having fun. :) I love being married!
Uncle Dwayne & Madeline...

Daddy dancin' w/ Madeline

William and Madeline were quite the dancers...not sure where they got their dancing bone--probably the Goff side. :)

Therese having fun

William's buddy, Blake, showin' him some dance moves. :) William was very funny trying to imitate. I'll try and see if I can upload the video. :)

Samuel was more into his stash of bubbles than dancing.

It was so fun to see lots of Champaign folks and family last night. Krista and I had fun hanging out for the weekend too. Thankfully we were able to squeeeeeze into our or two more weeks, and I don't think we could've!

That's all for now :)