Wednesday, February 23, 2011

More Babies!

Just had to announce: We have a new niece/cousin!!

Elliana Ehi Ochenjele (Ehi is Nigerian, meaning: "Gift")
Feb. 23, 2011
8 lbs. 1 oz. 20"
Krista and Elliana are doing well. The Lord answered prayers in so many ways! I'm so happy for George and Krista! Now that labor/delivery is behind them, they can focus on enjoying their new little girl. :) I'm excited for the newest cousins to meet. :)

Children + Baby

Every day life: A few thoughts...a few pictures:

I have several photo ideas I want to take...I'll have to see if they turn out. I'd like to get some cards made w/ pictures of the baby/kids to hand out as thank-you notes. Actually, I may do several different ones, and keep the insides plain, so I can use them for any type of note. I haven't bought cards in a long time, so I'm justified, right? :)

W0w, this one was hard. Check out the outfits! They dress themselves! :) We had troubles getting everyone to look, sit still, not drop the baby, etc. :) But, we got one! :)

This little gal is a lil' mommy! She had Benjamin in her crib w/ her. He was screaming and flailing his arms and kept "pulling" her hair. I was trying to get a picture. It was too funny! She kept moving her head of wild curly (unfixed) hair, and saying in a high munchkin voice, "No, no bebe...not pull mine hair." :) Should've had the video on. :)

Grandma Nett, Madeline has gotten her use out of this adorable dress you bought her. It's a size 18 mo...and she's still wearing it. And not just for Sunday's. She has gotten herself dressed and loves to wear this dress. She had bright purple knee-highs on w/ it the other day. :)

Monday, February 21, 2011

Look who is 1 week old!

I can't believe it's been a week already! Benjamin is growing! He's a great sleeper during the day...not so much at night. Hopefully we get that part figured out quickly! Adjustments have gone very smoothly so far. The kids think he's the best. I love to see how each one of them shows interest in him. Samuel always makes sure he has his bear and a paci--whether he needs it or not. They all want to touch his head, hands and feet. :) 1st visit to Nana's...he had no clue he was supposed to be excited. :)
Grandma Bobbie...she's had the kids over for b-fast all week. They were rearing to go this morning, since they had another invite for breakfast. :)

Gettin' chubby...When I see other newborns, I always think they look so tiny. When I look at Benjamin, I think he looks big, mainly b/c he was INSIDE of me a week ago! Crazy! :)
Hangin' out w/ Samuel. He had his first bath last night. The pictures aren't modest enough to post...but he definitely enjoyed it. (except when it was over)
My favorite: limp, sleeping baby :)
Daddy and sons...

Benjamin at 5 days old...getting ready for the Dr's visit. William and Madeline also had their last round of shots. Thankfully Justin was with me for the outing...definitely went better w/ both of us!
Teddy bear:

Happy President's Day!