Thursday, March 22, 2012

Benjamin is 13 + months...Happy Birthday!

Benjamin turned 1 in February. Now that he's way past his birthday, I thought I'd edit his pictures and put them up...ha, ha! He's growing up so fast...learning new things every day. He's very engaged in what is going on around him. He was waking up every day saying "Moo!" and looking for the cows. He's all about cows, 4-wheelers, boots, and being outside. :)

Justin and the 3 older kids were gone for a bit one day last month, so we did a little "photo shoot" just to mark his age. Time passes so quickly, and if I don't write it down or take a picture, my memory forgets!

Benjamin is my dad's look-alike. People tell me that all the time. I saw it more when he was an infant. I should get the scrapbooks out again...
Benjamin is cheerful most of the time, but if he's not cheery, then he's m.a.d! He is one of either extreme...ha,ha. It's so fun to see his personality emerging. He makes us crack up, especially when he laughs.

~~Happy 1st b-day~~He's not stayin' a baby for long...he wants to run w/ the kids!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I'm back...

Our last computer's dead. But! Thankfully the harddrive was still ok, so I can get all the videos and precious memories it's stored for me. :)

The past month without Internet was great because I was able to get lots done around the house...but also inconvenient when I needed to check/research things. I am able to check facebook and emails from our phones...but it's not exactly the same as the computer. :)

Anyway...the past month was Benjamin's b-day month. He celebrated turning 1 year! Wahoo!! I'm done nursing now...yay! Life is gaining isn't such a little baby anymore and he's sleeping through the night again. Whew...Jan and Feb was rough b/c he had some HUGE teeth pushing through...lots of sleeplessness for us both. :)

Justin starts back to work on Monday...we've had a glorious 3 months with him. My job is so much easier with him around. He's so good at helping train these 4 know those times when you're doing 10 things and then there's a disobedience/squabbling issue?? He's the man! He's worked around the farm and taken the kids along. They come back ready to conquer everything and covered in straw and cow lessons, you know. That's school, in our books. Learning to work hard is important! Oh, and we have been pluggin' along w/ "real" school too. All the kids do some "school work" It's exciting to see progress...sometimes it can be slow all the character issues that get fleshed out in the process (me, more than them, most days. :)

Justin and the kids just went to release their "catch" of the day. On Saturday, Rural King (aka "heaven"--to my kids) had live animal traps on sale. Of course, the boys thought it was necessary to the chickens' survival, you know... Well, anyway...they have a point system going now. Cats are negative points...and I'm not sure how other critters rate. The 1st night, they caught a skunk! Talk about exciting! They came through smelling just fine, thankfully! The next night, they caught "Coffee", one of the favorite barn cats. (He was hollerin' when they found him) Last night they caught a racoon. William went out to pet it this morning. (??!!!!yes...exactly what I was thinking!) My coon-catchers are back...recess is over...back to math and reading. :)

Happy Tuesday...lovin' this spring weather!