Monday, September 27, 2010


I was thinking about something I posted the other day about pregnancy, birth, and babies being "easy" Well, I should clarify that it's NOT an easy stage. It can actually be very hard: physically, emotionally, and mentally. (esp. if there's other children running around!) My pregnancies have been uneventful and healthy...something I don't want to take for granted!Sleep patterns and nursing took awhile to establish w/ my babies. I'm sure I'll be reminded how challenging that stage can be at various times here in a few months. For me, it's the transition period (the 1st month or 2) that's the trickiest.
I should've used the word, "simple" to describe that stage. Baby needs to eat, sleep, be changed, and loved, of course. However, my children, have become more complex as they've gotten older. Behavior, speech, and attitudes are not simple things. I'm amazed at how puzzling parenting can be when dealing w/ multiple children, different personalities, interesting bro/sis dynamics, and their willfulness...and trying to juggle all of it at the same time! Knowing how to deal w/ it all is hard and I often think of how I should've handled something when I'm laying in bed at night thinking about the events of the day. I'm so thankful I'm not alone in this parenting journey. Thank the Lord for husbands, eh?! Justin always has the simplest solutions.
Anyway...just wanted to clarify what I meant to communicate. :)

Saturday, September 25, 2010

He's a he!

Well, here he is. The kids are excited, especially the boys. They said they're happy to have another boy to build forts with. Madeline's just happy it's a "bebe." So my "feeling" were accurage with this pregnancy and I definitely see a trend w/ my boy pregnancies. :) Also, my boys have been much active earlier than Madeline. I seriously felt this lil' guy at 15 weeks. Well, the consensus was that he has Samuel's nose and William's lips. We'll have to get out the kids' sono pictures and compare. I was shocked how much Samuel's little profile looked exactly like him after he was born. I'm glad I've kept all the boys' clothes and shoes. The bedroom situation, I'm going to have to think about. Although, he'll sleep in the bassinet for 4-6 months. I suppose the boys' beds will have to go vertical. And Madeline will get to be the princess of her room.

I already have a running list of to-do's for pre-baby. I had a list of labor questions for the midwife yesterday too. I'm not exactly sure why I'm thinking about that part already?! I've also started a book called "Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way" Anyone heard of it? It was recommended to me and I think I'm going to like it. The idea is husband-coached, non-medicated/non-intervention birth. My last birth had the least intervention and it was by far the best delivery and I felt the best afterward. I'm hoping this delivery goes a little faster, or at least that I can labor mostly at home before going to the hospital. We'll see, though, it's a completely separate event each time. I've learned that I can't bank on past experience...mine have all been different!

On another note, pregnancy, delivery, and caring for an infant, is the easy stuff when it comes to parenting. I know that sounds crazy to those who are in that stage right now, but seriously, nuturing, instructing, training, and discipling becomes very complex as babies grow into walking, talking, curious, children. The dynamics between multiple children proves quite interesting. There is never a dull moment and plently of teachable ones! It's easy for me to be so excited about a brand new baby. The infant stage is so sweet and short! The other 17 years of parenting this child, however, makes this task of mothering very daunting. Wow. All I can say, is that it's definitely a task that I'm not able to do in my own strength! And I'm very thankful God's wisdom and grace is there for the asking!

A mom to 3 boys, OH BOY! (Justinnnn! I need you! :)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Things I love...

I love watching my children be creative and artistic
I love when they choose to read books or draw a picture w/out any prompting from me
I love that when Madeline was "playing" her little pink wooden violin, she kept saying, "How 'bout..." while she was trying to think of what to play next.
I love that William told me sternly this morning, that he was "Don Smiff" (as in, Capt. John Smith)
I love the spontaneity of Samuel deciding to do an art project, cut it out, and decided to mail it to Auntie Krista. I told him to go and get an envelope. When I got out of the shower, he had it stamped in the right hand corner (on the backside) and was sounding out Krista's name and writing it down in big, uneven letters. (that one's phonetic!) Then he sounded out Chicago, and wrote that down too. "Shcago" (I had to explain that Chicago "breaks the rules")
I love that there's cool inventions like sonograms! Because tomorrow I get to have one, and hopefully find out whether we're going to have a girl or a boy!
I like the weekdays, b/c it makes me LOVE the weekends. [We get Justin to ourselves for 48 hrs!]
I like playing in an orchestra and I love listening to great music!
I love naptime...because I need them, most days.
I love that my hubby works so hard, so I can stay home and tend to my little flock.
I like home-grown eggs and Trader Joe's yogurt.
I love herbal tea, w/ honey, and cream
I like picking out baby names...esp w/ the kids. We get ideas like, Thaddeus, Edmund (but, I was informed, there were too many Edmunds around--that's G-pa Max's middle name), Stinkpot Goff, and plenty of other goofy names. And the most classic of all, from my 2 year old, "Bebe" That's what he/she will be till Feb when the name gets announced. ;)
I love hearing my children recite Psalm 34...with various style's.
I love to hear my children sing songs
I love all the memories we're making together...I don't want to forget it! I know time is flying!
I like quiet evenings and a good book or good conversation.
I love it when all my children are alseep and I can watch them sleep and thank the Lord for these 3 sweet gifts!
I'm thankful that the Lord's strength and wisdom is sufficient!

Thursday, September 16, 2010


And, while I'm thinking about it...we have 1 week left till we find out if they'll be another brother or sister! So get your guesses in! :)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Do any of ya'll have boys like this?

Having boys, I'm reminded not to take myself too seriously. Life is too short not to laugh a lot. Laugh at them and with them--they LOVE it! Samuel and I laughed so hard at the above photo. Blow it up really big, if you don't think it's funny...or maybe you need to know my son, William to think it's funny. Samuel looks so proud of his muscles, and William looks like he's ready to fight an imaginary foe. He's got his scary face on.
Where do they get this? Well, I guess I don't need to think too far. They have Justin for a Dad and my Dad for a grandpa...Goofiness is in the genes.
Yes, thankfully Therese was snapping, and I was attempting to get them to look and smile. A real, genuine smile...not a fake one, or a goofy one, or whatever one they dreamed of.
Now they decided to switch...
Did we get any good ones? I'll leave you in suspense till the next post. :)

William's 3 Year Old Pictures...

Hope his expressions make you smile...

That's William for ya!
~Also, I'm planning to print 1 lg picture of each of the kids to go above the couch in the living room. Help me decide which ones of the boys. (I think I already have Madeline's picked out)

Samuel's 5 Year Old Pictures...

I.! It's exciting and scary at the same time!

A boy and his bike

Photography Credits: Go to my sister, Therese (Thanks Therese!)