Sunday, August 21, 2011

Happy Birthday Samuel

Samuel turned 6 on August 18th! Wow...time sure flies! Samuel's favorite gift was a new camo Bible with large print and his name on the front. How exciting for him to be able to read the Bible for himself! He was so excited that night. I think Justin and I each got 12 hugs from him. :)
Samuel loves to bike ride. He likes to build ramps or jump over stumps. He has a flock of chickens and keeps us supplied with eggs. He loves to go places with Justin. He likes to run fast, play hard, and sleeps hard at night. Unlike William, he likes to go to bed on time and wake up early. He enjoys having breakfast with Grandma Bobbie.:)
Samuel enjoyed swimming this summer! He took lessons and learned to be a stronger swimmer, learned to dive, and also braved the diving board!

I had him change clothes, and we quick grabbed a few pictures of him to remember him as a 6 year old.

I've watched Samuel grow in responsibility and initiave this year. He's becoming a huge help to our family team. I appreciate his cheerful attitude (most days) and his whistling while he does his chores. :)

Samuel has learned to read, is learning to play the piano, is learning to write neatly, and is memorizing God's Word. He loves to sing. His 2 favorite songs recently are "You Are Not a God Created" and "I Will Call Upon the Lord"

He loves hanging out with Isaac and Eva. William and Madeline are his good friends.

He had a very happy birthday, and I'm so thankful God has given Samuel to us for 6 years. I'm looking forward to this next year!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday Madeline!

Madeline's having a few girlfriends over for a princess tea party here in a little bit. I just wanted to get these posted before the time gets away from me!
Here I am a few weeks later, typing down a few things to remember about Miss Madeline. :) Let's see...Madeline likes all-things-girly! It's very important to her that she plays with girl-stuff. She likes Strawberry ShortCake dolls and baby dolls. I enjoy watching and listening to her play "Mommy"

Madeline is quite petite...but on most days, eats more than the boys. That's so funny to me! She loves to help me around the house, with Benjamin, and in the garden. She and the boys have loved to go out the blackberry bushes and eat "snacks"

People stop me and ask me if I curl her hair. I laugh inside to myself and wonder how in the world I would have time to do that every day. Her curls come from Justin...I like them. I actually look at her hair and think..."How nice to just be able to whip it up in a high curly pony & have curly wispy's...and it look adorable." Most days we don't even brush it. :)

Madeline took swimming lessons this summer. She was quite the little swimmer. She's my little energizer bunny. :) She also ran in our town's 1 mile fun-run and ran the whole way. My Mom said she was huffing and puffing, but didn't quit till she crossed the finish line. :)
Madeline likes tea parties, cheese, stickers, crafts of all sorts, and likes to read and color.
We took these pictures early, early in the morning (before 7 am) before all the boys were up. She like to wake up early and either snuggle in bed with me, or read on the couch while I have devotions. :)

I will say that Madeline is very feminine...but she definitly can hold her own with the boys! I'm praying that she'll have a meek and quiet spirit. Both she and her mommy are working on that. :)

My pregnancy with Madeline was my hardest...but she was so worth it! I honestly can't believe she's 3 already! I'm praying for grace as we raise her to be a daughter of the King. I'm so thankful for my girly girl. :)

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Happy Birthday Madeline!

Madeline is 3 years old today! And Happy Birthday to my Mom!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Two of my boys...

Happiest of my 4 year old, William...

So before Madeline's Birthday pictures, I'd better get William's pictures up. Here's our big 4 Year Old... His favorite things (as of 9:56 on August 5th): knights, dragons, dinosaurs, pirates, pizza, Rural King, and his friend, Karsten.
He has quite the personality. He's definitely stretched me in many ways. He's lots different from my other children, but I'm thankful for that. Justin and I are curious how God will use him. William has already taught us a lot. God uses him to say the most profound things to us.

There's never a dull moment with William! He definitely keeps me on my toes. That was true when he was 2 and is still true! He does the unexpected and unthinkable. He's not afraid of snakes. He can be daring, but he can also be fearful. Like being scared of the dark or fearful of swimming. (even though he did swim the whole width of the pool recently!) He laughes the hardest, smiles the biggest, and screams the loudest. I'm confident the Lord will use his passion in a positive way in the future. Right now, we're just trying to channel it. Isn't it amazing how sometimes our perceived weaknesses end up becoming our strengths? Or at least, a channel of blessing.

This week has been wonderful. Justin, Benjamin and I have had William all to ourselves! What a treat! We were laying in his bed snuggling with him, when he told us about his dream the night before. He said, "In my dream...Daddy, you and Satan were fighting. [Us: our ears perked up. "Oh really?"] Yes...but Satan didn't win. You won,Daddy...because Jesus was with you." And, from there, the conversation resumed it's normal 4 year old musings...
This was very interesting to us, since we've felt the warfare heating up and felt like we have been fighting spiritual battles more than ever. It was nice to be reminded that we're on the victory side...and that Jesus is helping us fight and win!

William has an amazing tenderness and compassion for weaker things: animals, babies, the sick, and the persecuted...

I'm so thankful that God has given us 4 wonderful years with William! He's definitely the firecracker of our family! Love you, buddy!