Thursday, September 17, 2009

Some Healthful Sites...

There's a lot of news swirling around about swine just colds and flu's in general. I've been interested in herbs and natural healing for a long time. Just recently, I've been researching and trying different remedies. I thought I'd pass along some helpful websites and resources. The idea that God gave us medicinal plants and herbs--to use--is very intriguing to me! (lots of good info...bulk herbs and accessories for sale...good remedies, and herbal mixtures) (essential oils and info) (this site has you-tube videos on various "how to's"--like making your own elderberry syrup, various tinctures, and salves) (this is a health forum) (this is the same) (this is where I buy our vitamins...I trust their products and they have good articles and information--they carry a lot of great products!)

~just thought I'd pass these resources along~

Cute Article

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My Grandma came scurrying over bright and early this morning to show me this article on my "little brother", Max. He sounds very chatty in the interview. :) I stayed home w/ W & M during the Friday night game, but Justin kept me informed. It was pretty exciting and my brother scored the game winning touchdown right before the game ended. Anyhoo...just had to post it, being the proud big sis. ;) Way to go Max! (i think he'll be excited he got some press--hee!)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Resuming a Routine

School has resumed for us. I recently decided that I really needed to get organized. I'm pretty organized, but it seems I write things down in several different notebooks, then can't locate my to-do list, menu, or grocery list. I decided to make myself my own "Brain in a Binder" It's basically a 3-ring notebook w/ my routines, menu, grocery list, to-do list, and a page to write down my thoughts, the funny things the kids say, important phone #'s, and the kids' milestones. All in 1 adorably-decorated binder! I'm not sure why I didn't do this before. [I actually found a folder w/ notes from a conference I attended 1.5 years ago about ORGANIZATION and EFFICIENT HOUSEHOLD MANAGEMENT. I'm glad I cleaned that cabinet out and found all that's inspired me! ]Now that I'm working on being consistent w/ "school" for the kids, it's especially helpful to have my routine written down. This summer we kinda "floated"...which was fine, but I'm glad to be back on some sort of a routine. I get a lot more done, and it's nice to "see" what I've accomplished, even if I don't get to everything!

I've been wanting to blog about my cleaning schedule and just keeping a routine in general for a while. (like other things I'd like to write about, but just don't prioritize it:) It seems like once I had kids, doing the basic household stuff took a lot more effort and more time (since there's interruptions and things don't stay clean for long!) One practical thing I started doing (per my hubby's suggestion--he's brilliant!), is NOT get in Weekend Recovery Mode on Monday morning. He suggested that I do one extra chore per day. Right now, every day is laundry day...either washing/drying, folding or putting away. And can see my "schedule" below. It has helped me out a bunch! And, it may sound gross, but sometimes I skip a week on the bathrooms or vacuuming, just because it gets so busy around here. Or we're outside playing or doing something extra. I have had to realize, sometimes it's more important to just live life and enjoy it, instead of having House Beautiful 24 hours a day. That's saying a lot coming from Miss Type-A Clean-aholic. :)

Weekly Household Management Schedule:
~to keep things running smoothly in the house, and avoid undue stress~
Rest, worship, fellowship, relax, & in the evenings, get organized for the week (tidy house, make Justin’s lunches, organize laundry)
Stay Home! Catch up on laundry, vacuum and sweep floors, file papers, look at calendar, pay bills.
Laundry and closets
Library Day
Laundry/Arthur Run(milk, produce, eggs, health food store)
Playdate Day or Park/Fieldtrip day
Cleaning Catch-up(if certain chores didn’t get accomplished during the week) Menu planning, garden, fun/project day, date night day
Daily: keep up w/ clutter, mail, bills, floors, laundry, pick one cabinet, car, bag, drawer, or closet to organize; walk or run
Weekly: Grocery Run (either to Walmart or Meijer, depending on my errand-load) + Arthur for milk; clean out fridge; grab jars and egg cartons to return

Wash all bedding once a month, or as needed.
Work on washing windows!
Deep clean kitchen--wipe down appliances and wash kitchen floor
Plan and shop for birthdays, weddings, and new babies
Send out cards and thank-you’s
File pictures on computer by month, copy onto a disk, upload to walmart and print

Fall 2009 Routine for the Goff Household
5:30/6 a.m. Me Wakeup-Devotions/shower, makeup/read, research
7:30 Breakfast (Samuel-dressed and bed made before b-fast, quickie chores--laundry gatherer, unload dishwasher, pick up shoes, vacuum rug) Dress other kids, empty trash, brush teeth, give vitamins, make beds, set out meat to thaw
8:30 Devotions: sing, pray, bible story, memorization
9:00 Walk (on non-walking days, start school earlier)
10:00 Samuel-School
William- Mat Time and “school”
Madeline- Nap
11:30 Lunch
12-1 Outside Playtime/Kitchen Cleanup
1-3:30 Naptime/Cleaning time, music practicing, research, laundry, bills, organization
3:30-4 Mat Time (for 2 youngest) while I start supper, fold laundry, finish up school w/ Samuel
4-6 Free Playtime/Movie/Outside Play
6-8 Supper/Clean-up, Outside play and pick-up
8-8:30 Bathtime
8:30 Devotions/Time w/ Daddy
9:00 Bedtime

So these are my hopeful and helpful ways for preserving my sanity. :) Hope they might've been some help to other moms out there. I always like reading about what other mom's do. It gives me good ideas. I like reading about real-life/pratical stuff. Happy Wednesday!!

(this is the info I used)
Setting up a tickler file: A system designed to tickle your memory:
~Hand write or type your routine and place in clear page protectors.
~The first section should list your daily routine
~Include weekly commitments and record household chores that need to be done
~The next sections can detail each week of the month and each month of the year (I haven't gotten this far)
~Include a vinyl floder labeled for family papers
~More labeled plastic folders, one per child/family member
~ Can include a calendar, also
Here are a few sites that I want to check out:
One's about "Speed Cleaning"--very time efficient
The other site includes family-tested recipes that freeze well...(that's a whole 'nother post...I feel like I'm in the kitchen all the time! I'm trying to figure out how to maximize my time and be more efficient w/ cooking. I'm working on that one!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Proverbs for the day: Chapter 14
"Every wise woman builds her house, but the foolish one tears it down w/ her own hands."
"In all labor their is profit..."
"A truthful witness saves lives..."
"Reverent and worshipful fear of the Lord is a fountain of life, that one may avoid the snares of death."
"He who is slow to anger has great understanding, but he who is hasty of spirit exposes and exalts his folly."
" A calm and undisturbed mind and heart are the life and health of the body, but envy, jealousy, and wrath are like rottenness of the bones."
"Uprightness and right standing with God (moral and spiritual recititude in every area and relation) elevate a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people."
--When I'm not sure where else to read, I read a Proverb-a-Day. There's 31 of them, so perfect for a monthly reading plan. :) Plus, I like that it's so practical! Just little tidbits of wisdom on every issue.--
~quotes taken from The Amplified Bible~

Sunday, September 13, 2009

An Evening Greeting Goff-Family-Style:

Justin's homecoming looks like this pretty much every evening, except on the days he comes home after they're in bed. It's his reward for working so hard all day. :) He says his favorite part of the day is coming home. It's my favorite part too! :) I'm so grateful that he works twice as hard, so I can take care of things on the homefront. Here's to a new work week!

Some days I get my Mom to myself

And that's why I like weekends. *smile*