Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Benjamin Update...

Benjamin recently turned 8 months old! What a little honey he is. :) It's funny how fast they become mobile...especially since they have older ones to chase after. He's crawling everywhere now...and makes a bee-line for the things he's not supposed to have. Tiny legos and toys of all sorts as well as "masterpieces" now have to be played with at the dining room table. Benjamin definitely enjoys destroying anything the kids make. I have to remind them that they too were little like him...and had no idea they were "wrecking up" something special. ;) Benjamin is a very smiley, good natured, laid-back little fella. His face isn't that chubby...but don't let that deceive you. He's very sturdily built. I LOVE that! Madeline didn't have the cute chubs like he does. It cracks me up when I see him w/ just a diaper on. :)

Besides motoring around, Benjamin likes to pull up to everything, especially the windows. He likes to play hide-and-seek w/ Peaches and Camo (the kittens) at the front door window.

I am now having to keep my floors, rugs, and carpets cleaner. Today he was happily eating mud or manure...not sure which... at my backdoor rug.

Madeline is a good "big sista" (as she calls herself)

Benjamin's newest trick is waving hi or bye to people. A few weeks ago, he waved to a friend in the grocery store. I actually thought it was an accident...but when we passed the same lady again, he waved again. This past weekend, he definitely was showing off. He likes to watch his hand twist while he waves. Too funny!

Hopefully writing this down will preserve my memory...as I have a feeling it'll all seem like a blur looking back at it. That's what pictures and journals are for, right? To extend our memories? ! Yes. :)

Wednesday, October 5, 2011