Thursday, December 29, 2011

Part 1 of Family Trip 2011...

The 1st stop of our trip was the Creation Museum. We toured their dramatized Christmas Town on the evening we arrived. While we were walking through, the shepherds were excitedly telling us about the Messiah, and where we could find him. Right then, one of the shepherds looked at me and said, "Hey! Are you a Miller?" Turns out, that we had chatted w/ him at the ICHE Conference and he was also a friend of a friend's. :) Small world!
These are the pictures from the next day, when we toured the actual museum. The kids really liked was their 1st time. We went at their pace...which meant we didn't stop and read every single thing. But that's ok...they got to "see" Adam and Eve, Noah, Methusulah, The Garden of Eden, The Ark, lots of Dinosaurs...and etc. The best thing was that everything was from a Biblical perspective. My favorites were the theater presentations and the Buddy Davis family music show. How fun! We're now Buddy Davis fans. ;)

Benjamin was a trooper! (although he's in the inconveniently loud stage for things that require a quiet audience...)

The Creation Museum is definitely a mustsee if you've never been! It's extremely well done and is a faith builder. ;) There is also another project that Answers in Genesis has started: a full size Noah's ark amusement park! Anyway...we will be going was that good!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Memory Lane...

I've been going through toys, books, and cabinets. As I was going through cds...I found Justin's Afghanistan pictures from 2003. Since my guy doesn't get much press on this blog...I'll dedicate this post to him. :)

Guess who he's talking to?? Oh, and thinking back to all those phone conversations where you heard yourself talk and had delay time before you could hear the other person. Oh, goodness...sometimes we "clashed" and started talking at the same time. It was so annoying to hear myself laugh after I laughed...crazy. Probably something one just as to experience to appreciate instant communication. :)
From most of the pictures, Afghanistan is not a pretty place. I thought this picture of the mountains we're beautiful, though. :)
Random little girl on the street...she's pretty too!

My husband and his "bodyguard", Arianna. Justin told me that little kids would come up to you (Americans) and offer to watch your vehicle and stuff. Then they expected to be paid for the job. :) There she is holding some treasures he bought from the bizarre in downtown Kabul. We still have those coasters. :)

So which one's Justin? Wow...I'm glad the 80's are past!

And even lovelier...he doesn't disguise very well. :)

Ah...that's more like him...

These made me smile...things that I sent him...

Justin and some of "the boys"--the local's that worked for him every day. Justin told them that he was going to marry me when he got home. Before he left, they all gave him wedding gifts. My favorite gift was a black scarf...that is adorning my kitchen table right now. I appreciated there hearts...there gifts were very thoughtful. They even gave Justin traditional Afghani wedding outfits...he breaks them out every now and then. :)

Seriously, I didn't know Justin had a flat top....he said he doesn't remember having one either...ha!

I'm sure Justin will be happy to see that he "made the blog"--as he calls it.
I'm also reminded to pray for Afghanistan, as it's a barren land, both physically and spiritually...they need the light of the Gospel!"> ~Best 11 minutes you'll spend today: Eric Ludy on The Gospel

Monday, December 5, 2011


7 years ago yesterday (Dec. 4, 2004), I said "I do" to Justin Goff. Such a joyful day...and I tell him often I'm so glad we're married. I'm so thankful God invented marriage. We are learning what it means to love. It's definitely something that we learn. Going into marriage, we really didn't have a clue! Well, or, should I say, that everything we knew in theory became reality. It's lots harder to actually live out something verses just say it or know it mentally.
The past 7 years have had some transitions...four big ones, come to mind immediately. I am not the person I was 7 years ago, mainly because of my children. "Mommy boot camp" has a way of forcing a person out of their comfort zone...and pressing to the limits your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. I say that lovingly and with a smile. Motherhood has been one of the hardest, yet fruitful seasons of my life. Fruitful in all different aspects. I appreciate the side of Justin that parenting has brought out. We are learning together. It's very humbling. It's driving us to the Lord. That's a good place to be!

Praying that the Lord would show me how to be Jesus to my husband. I'm learning how to respect him, how to communicate clearly, what submission looks like. It's easy to know that we need to respect and submit to our husbands...but sometimes I'm not sure how it plays out in real life. That's what the Lord is teaching me. We're learning together. I'm glad Justin's gracious...and I'm very glad that the Lord is.

We celebrated our anniversary by attending Christmas Concert and going out for pizza afterwards. Not alone...but w/ the little people we love most plus my mom, grandma, and sister. A good celebration. 7 happy years...thanking the Lord today for that blessing!