Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Benjamin is 2!!

Someone turned 2 today!!
 Time flies when you're having fun!

Every Family Needs A William...

I have the most adorable 5 year old man.  He is very sincere and says the most hilarious things...but has NO idea he's so funny.  I *try* to keep a straight face while he's telling me things.  Justin is SO good at always listening respectfully to the kids.  I need to work on my self-control.  LOL!!  They can just be so cute, hilarious, random, and wise...all in the same sentence!

I found a slip of scratch paper with some "quotables" scrawled on it.  I'll share, just because. :)

"Hey, Mom, did you know I can make spit out of hot chocolate?"
["No honey, had no did you do that?  Actually, nevermind..."]

"If we have a baby boy, his name will probably be Baptiste." 
"Mom, if we have a baby boy, CAN I name him Baptiste?"  [Me: "We'll see, honey"]
[Thank you, "Your Story Hour: Sacagewea"]

"I'm starting to get a few whiskers on my chin...see?"

"I lost most of my white blood cells.  10 got killed and I only have 15 white blood cells left."
[Me: huh? and wow!]

The things the kids say are so funny:
1. because the WAY they talk is so cute
2. THEY are cute
3. because it is usually SO random
To repeat it to someone else, is WAY less funny

[I LOVE my kids.  I LOVE being a Mom. Life is always interesting with them...and never boring.  What DID I do before I had kids?  Hmm...]