Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Oaks...

I recently heard that going out in public is "game-on"  Do any of you other Moms realize the same thing?  When we go out in public, it really is a "test" to see how well our kids obey, listen, and follow instruction.  I feel like the intensity is up...more distractions, more opportunities for new situations, and teachable moments.  The grocery store and church--yes, that's usually our weekly test.  And, I usually come home realizing I need to beef up my instruction and consistency in 1st time obedience or "sitting still" practice. 

Well, at the beginning of the year, we started visiting an assisted care facility in our town.  Thursdays at 11 a.m. is their "church-time"  Justin was off work then, so it worked perfectly to go up as a family and help my grandma with the music and share something from the scripture.  We are continuing to go up...minus Justin.  And, oh, do I wish he were able to come with especially!  Most days, I wish I could at least duplicate myself...and today at 11 a.m. was one of those days. 

The kids were chipper and happy to see the "ladies" and sing w/ them.  We brought a kids sing-a-long book today and sang the familiar kiddie Bible songs.  Well, not too far into "Jesus wants me for a sunbeam" Samuel got a little too wide w/ his hand motions and wacked his hand into Sally's glasses.  They went flying!!!  I turned around on the piano bench (yes, I play the piano, sing, instruct my kids, and *look* smiley at the same time---impossible, I know), and just imagine my blood pressure!  It was an accident, but still!  Samuel was so embarrassed...oh, dear!

Well, we continued our singing...Madeline and William were not staying in their seats and were swinging Madeline's necklaces around and around.  Thankfully, I caught that before it was another disaster! 

A local pastor came and brought the short message after the singing finished.  Part way into the sermon, William had to use the bathroom, so I quietly excused him and let him go alone.  (Bathroom was right next to us...)  BAD IDEA!!  Pretty soon, alarms started going off.  I saw the managers rushing around, and they all landed in front of the bathroom door.  Yes, that was MY SON. :)   I quickly went in, and discovered him buck-naked, happily still sitting on the potty...clueless, absolutely clueless.  I found the switch, and quickly turned the alarm off.  Whew!  

Everything wrapped up, and my children went to collect everyone's hymnals.  Madeline ran full speed ahead into a lady named "Wanita" and grabbed her hymnal.  I saw the whole thing from afar.  Madeline scared her so badly...Wanita was reading a hymn and was totally not expecting someone to fly into her and take her book!  Oh, my.  She was so gracious...but, my, my have I got some lessons to teach my children!! 

Even my Grandma was ready to leave...even she seem a bit frazzled!  Oh, goodness. 

I wrote this down mainly for my own memories sake.  Justin laughed so hard when I described our day and told me he still wants me to go.  He said that they'll grow up and I'll miss this crazy stage!  Yes, I know I will. :)

Give me the park--the kids can run, laugh, scream and whatever.  Stressfree!!  Yes, that's where we'll be tomorrow!


Carla said...

Yes ,I had a good laugh as well. Thank you for making feel normal!! I feel the same way when we go to the grocery and church....I have the "mommy talk" all the yes, we will miss this time for sure!

Many Blessings,
Carla <><

George and Krista said...

that is hilarious! :)

Rose said...

Bless you for doing this ministry with your little ones. I am sure they are learning much from it. You are a great Mom!