Monday, June 4, 2012

Three out of four of my children have summer birthdays.  So, I thought I'd do a little planning over lunch to see what they each had in mind for their individual celebrations.  I told them on their birth-day, they get to pick out their meal: whatever their favorite yummy meal is.  Here are the results:

 William (his b-day comes in July):

Birthday Supper:
Peanut Butter toast
Chips, turkey, and hot dogs

Dessert: Chocolate Cake w/ prunes around it (want to make him happy?  prunes are his true love...funny boy!)

Drink: Pomegranate Juice (sp??)

Dessert: Vanilla w/ chocolate in it Ice Cream  (that's my girl...pickin' dessert 1st)

Punch to drink

"I just want a dog...[me: "a hot dog?"]  No a real puppy...can you buy me one when it's my birthday?  I don't want a mean one.  Actually I want a kitten named Rosalie.  [William: "I want a duck"]

...and back to the menu...

Macaroni and Cheeeese and hot dogs

Dessert: Cookie Dough Ice Cream

Cheese Brats
Mac N Cheese

Drink: Grape Juice and water

I thought their menus were too good not to share...I wrote it down just like they described and in the exact order they listed it.  Ha, ha!


Leisel Spafford said...

Those are priceless! I think it's awesome you let them choose their own menus like that...those will be special memories for the kids ;)

Brenna H. said...

Cute! I love the pet digression. "I want a duck!" That sounds like something I would interject. Though I actually want chickens.:-) Also, the chocolate cake with prunes is too funny! Have a wonderful week!